Hi there!  I’m JT Longino.  I currently live and work in Austin, TX with my wife and our dog.

For my day job, I work as a verification engineer at AMD.  We design microprocessors, video chips, and lots of other amazing things that are probably inside something you own.  As a verification engineer, my job is to figure out whether our designs work correctly when it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a day to do so rather than millions (or more!) of dollars a day.  It’s pretty cool.

Like you (probably?) I have a number of interests outside of work.  I’m an avid runner, running one or two marathons a year for the last few years.  I’ve become fascinated with social psychology and its impact with business and the Internet.  That means a lot of learning about web marketing, copywriting, pricing, and much more.  For more depth, look around the blog.

In mid-2013, I decided to start a business.  You’ll hear more about that here, too.

Want to get ahold of me?  Try my-first-name@jtlongino.com (it’s those two letters before “longino”).  I read every email I get, and will respond to most of them.


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